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 Major Bicycle Safety and Advocacy Organization Links

Share the Road is a nationwide effort that is generally being executed by local, regional, or state agencies.  The share the road concept applies to all vehicles, but is especially aimed at trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles.  Search for Share the Road and add your city, county, or state to see where activities might be already going strong, or places where you might be able to help get a new program started.

Bikes Belong is a national non profit who has been actively promoting all aspects of safe cycling, advocacy for bike lanes, trails, and traffic rules

AAA  The national auto club is active.  Your state chapter might also be participating.

Other programs you might want to search for locally
Complete Streets, Safe Routes to School, Fair Share for Safety, Bike Commuting Tax Benefit

To give you an idea of how many organizations are involved, here are some links that appeared on just one share the road blog post

Massachusetts Bicycle Route and Share the Road Signing policy
Manual of Traffic Signs page on Share the Road signs
MUTCD section on Share the Road signs
NCUTCD Bicycle Technical Committee Bicycles May Use Full Lane sign proposal
NCUTCD Bicycle Technical Committee Shared Lane Marking proposal
San Francisco Shared Lane Marking Study
Wayne Pein's discussion of the Share the Road sign
Martin Pion's discussion of Share the Road signs and shared-road markings

Starting Place to Find Ways to Get Connected

Go to your search engine and type in bike safety and your city.  Then other cities around you.  Then County.   Then state.  Try the same thing with Share the Road.  By now you should have a dozen ideas of local folks in business, organizations, and government to call.  But if you need more research, type in rotary bike safety and your city, etc.  Then Optimists bike safety and your city.  Maybe even try other service clubs and the chamber of commerce.  

If it turns out that nobody around your area is doing anything about bike safety, CALL THE COPS!  Literally, you may have an opening to create a huge new effort in your area on bicycle safety.  The most likely early participants will be the various police agencies and the schools.  In particular Jr. High.

Generally you can get the local bike shop and car dealers on board.  Then try the service clubs and the chamber. 

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