Thursday, April 17, 2014

Custom Imprinted Bicycle Lights and Back to School Promo Opportunities

promotional product - bicycle headlight - custom imprint

It get's darker earlier at the same time as back to school

If you have schools as part of your customer list, then you know that back to school time is huge for promotional products.  Everyone from PTAs to Frats, and from sports boosters to private school fund raising campaigns has reasons to give away or sell or raffle off hats, tees, candy, and yes, bicycle items.

Since most schools start up in late August or early September, there is another annual phenomenon that is taking place.  The sun is coming up later and going down earlier.  This means that cyclists need lighting to get to school or get home from after school activities.  Or they may need lighting just to enjoy night rides with friends, including the popular moonlight rides.

If you are active in the public schools, but haven't checked out private schools, this may be the most important blog post you've ever read.  Almost all private schools need to raise huge amounts of money outside of tuition.  Sure, it may seem that $15,000 per year tuition would be enough, but that is generally just what is needed for ongoing expenses and doesn't cover capital expenditure or special needs.  Therefore private schools are constantly putting on fund raising drives, and most commonly they have something to sell or raffle off.

Here is another gem you may not have thought about.  EVERY kid and young adult who rides a bike loves lighting.  There is just something cool about adding a light on your bike.  We sell horns, and for cruisers and some little kids, horns are great.  But lights are just plain desirable!!  Bike 'n Safety offers a line of lights from small bicycle safety lights to sophisticated bike headlights and tail lights.  So we can fit the price point, budget, or demographic perfectly for any school, from k-12 to college.

We bring all of this up in April, because, like everything else in the promo products biz, you need to start knocking on doors and making presentation in April and May to get the business for August and September.  Check out our offerings at  And pay attention to this blog and to our email blasts.  We will be introducing several new items in the next 60 days.

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