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High Quality Custom Imprinted Bicycle Safety Products for Advertising Specialty Business

Whether you are an end user or a promotional products distributor, Bike 'N Safety is the premier supplier of custom imprinted bicycle products for events, promotions, goody bags and more. Our top selling item is our iconic Beam Bugs LED safety lights. While these are designed for the handlebars of any bicycle, they have ended up on beer mug handles, ski poles, back packs, belt loops, and dog collars. They are the perfect way to make anyone you care about visible at night to traffic or other hazards.  MORE

Our hottest introduction in 2014 was the Toadie LED Bicycle Headlight. This is a professional quality bicycle headlight that provides plenty of light on the highway or the mountain trail. The large print area is perfect for advertising. 

We introduced a matching tail light which can be sold as a stand alone or together with the headlight for a set.  Both products are unique in offering a yellow side light for 360 degrees of visibility. This has become a requirement in some states and municipalities.

Like the BugEyez, these lights are attached by silicone straps rather than metal brackets. This makes it simple to attach and remove as needed. Today's bicycle consumers are demanding these type of quick release accessories.  MORE

The low cost end of the bicycle product area for
 Specialty Products are custom imprinted patch kits and tire levers. Bike 'N Safety offers the two most popular types of patch kits, glue type, and glueless or self-adhesive. There is no difference in cost. Patch kits are great for advertising as the 4 color package has multiple sides for printing at no additional cost.  MORE

Tire levers, aka tire changing tools, are possibly the most important accessory any cyclist can carry. The advertising is very easy to see. Did we mention, the cost is low, starting at $1.08 (A) 2500. These can also be packed in sets of three.  MORE

You may think that all bicycle bells are the same. But don't be fooled. You will get what you pay for. No one wants a bicycle bell that goes clunk or that breaks as soon as you get it. That is not good for the advertiser. We have worked overtime to provide you with bells that sound and work very well.
To make these bells even more impressive, 4-color is included at no extra charge. MORE

Do you have a client who wants to move upscale a bit. These 10 function mini bicycle tools will make any cyclist happy. The large area for advertising can be pad printed in one color or we can apply a 4-color plastic dome.

From $5.40 (C) 1000. The value proposition on these clever tools is among the best in the potential items for bicycles.  MORE

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