Thursday, April 18, 2013

Three Social Media Tools To Expand Your Business

Are You Missing These Social Media Tools?

One of the most frustrating aspects of social media networking, is that after you spend weeks and months making connections, sending follow-up connection emails, joining relevant groups, making regular posts in those groups, and not seeing any “real” results or leads, you start to wonder:  Is this really helping my business or is this just a complete waste of my time?  We all have a million things that we could and should be doing to help grow and expand our businesses.  

But it seems that the potential for finding new leads is there - but how do I find them?  

Social Media Examiner has done it again!  They continue to be one of the top leaders in researching and sharing the top marketing tools which aim to help you maximize the full benefits available through social media networking tools.

3 Social Media Tools That Improve the Sales Cycle" is an article where they go above and beyond to describe the benefits of each tool, in addition to explaining in detail the steps you can take to get the best results.  Listed below are the three main tools as presented by Social Media Examiner, including Nimble, NeedTagger, and Virally App, along with a brief description of their intended functions, but you will want to check out the full article here for an in-depth look at the various ways you will want to use these applications.

Nimble—Nurture Your Relationships and Get Sales

On their website, Nimble says their job is to help you "easily manage all of your contacts, communications, activities, and sales in one single place."  Organizing your connections will help you to give better focus to those relationships that you most want to develop and grow.

NeedTagger—Find Potential Business Opportunities Through Twitter

This is a very advanced search tool that allows you to look for opportunities to sell your products for your business through Twitter, so that you can immediately reach out to potential customers and start engaging them.  It also allows you to track the results of your outreach, seeing which topics got the most clicks and shares, in order to further assist you in preparing future campaigns.

Virally App - Get Leads and Analytics Through Your Content

This site encourages users not only to leave their email address with you, but also for you the business owner, to limit the content you allow them to access on your site until they connect to their favorite social media networking site.  This allows you to have greater depth in profile information, allowing you to see which leads have the most potential for your business.  

Have you heard of these social media sites before?  
Which one of these tools will you incorporate into your business within the next two weeks?

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