Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Imprinted Promotional LED Safety Lights - Hit of the Las Vegas Show!

A very BIG thank you to all of those who gave us recommendations for how to maximize our effectiveness at the PPAI show in Las Vegas. While we can't prove that we were the busiest 10 feet in the entire LV show, we do know that only the chocolate booth on our aisle had anywhere near the traffic that we did, and they had 30 feet.

So, here is what we think did the trick. We took about 200 Bug-Eyez Bicycle Safety Lights and created a 30" square of blinking LED lights that you could see for two blocks. We created a sign that pointed to one of our product displays that merely said "Look" in big letters with an arrow. And we sent out email blasts to our own customer list, and an industry list twice before the show, and then once during the show.

In that email blast we talked about our wild and crazy special to give away 25 printed Bug-Eyez Bicycle Safety Lights to the first 50 distributors who brought us an order. That special was such a huge hit, that we had many who came to the booth with order in hand.

It is unlikely that we would have gotten all that attention if the product hadn't been so cool. We had many established distributors tell us that the Bug-Eyez Bicycle Safety Lights were one of the few, truly new and exciting products, they had seen at the show.

One of the huge benefits of the show was hearing from so many distributors as to other ways to use the safety lights. A big favorite was for dog collars. However, I am going to keep my powder dry on that, and tomorrow there will be an entire blog post devoted to uses for the little safety lights. On Thursday, we will have another post on likely customers. There are obvious ones like the police department or the schools, but we will provide a bunch more.

Then on Friday, we will offer several case studies that you should find interesting. We thought (and still do) that the number one promotional use of Bug-Eyez is for bicycle safety days or rodeos or booths sponsored by local police and schools. We think you will be amazed to see the long list of potential promotional ideas that we learned of through the show.

Again, a big thank you for all the ideas. If we can be of any help to you with your clients' needs, check out our website http://bikensafetypromos.com/ or drop us a line -- we are ready to do whatever is possible and sometimes even the impossible to make you look good.

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