Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NEW! Online Catalog of Custom Imprint Bicycle Products for Promo Products Buyers

Need a Bicycle Item for Your Event, Promotion, or Advertising? 

Bicycles are now more of an adult item.  Kids still ride bikes, but the big market is men, ages 25 - 55 followed by women in the same age group.  If you are planning an event for kids or for adults in that prime demographic, bicycle items may make the perfect advertising specialty item for you to give away in a goody bag, as a premium, or to generate traffic.

Many bicycle items work well as advertising vehicles after they are given out.  Because many of them attach to the bicycle, the product and the message are going to be seen whenever the bicycle is seen, whether while being ridden or even parked.  

Bike 'N Safety Promos has been supplying lights, horns, bells, and other great imprinted bike accessories for these types of promotions and events for many years.  Now they have created a user friendly catalog that can help you decide which items might work best for your specific use.  Here is an example page.

Nothing could be easier than acquiring the entire catalog.  You merely click on this link and you have it.  

If you are not involved in Bicycle Month or any of the activities in Bicycle Month, including Bike to Work Day or Bike to School Day, you may want to visit some of the other blog posts and pages on this blog to learn more about who buys promotional products for bicycle month, how to put on a bike month promotion and more.  

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